BulletHawg… Ballistic Protection That Eats Up Bullets

Unlike standard concrete, BulletHawg will not crack and is fully repairable in minutes. Specialty polymers and eco-friendly materials combine to make the absolute best solution for stopping rounds. It even stops .50 cal rounds (This pig is hungry for the big stuff). There are many applications where BulletHawg can solve your range and fire control issues; from formed walls to spray-on applications. Contact us today for more information on how BulletHawg can serve you!

BulletHawg Features

  • Range Containment
  • Range Dividers
  • Custom Molds
  • Prefab Applications
  • Up-Armor
  • – Buildings
  • – Walls
  • – Vehicles
  • – Safe Rooms
  • – Security Check-points
  • Pre-Formed Walls
  • Spray Covering
  • Pre-Formed Panels
  • Heat resistant
  • Heat resistant
  • LEED Product
  • All Eco-Friendly
  • Easy Assembly
  • Easy Disassembly

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