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One of our passions is to supply and integrate tools for custom applications. VSS Logistics works with virtually every quality tool manufacturer and combines their products with our integration services. Our experience includes kits for every environment.from marine to desert to aerospace FOD prevention. Ranging from domestic Vehicle Maintenance Facilities to deployment ready air-droppable applications.

Our kitting services can be used for OEM production parts, maintenance materials, and any assortment of pieces you need brought together. You can expect consistency and accuracy thanks to our ISO 9001:2008 approved kitting procedures.

 Tools to meet and exceed your requirements

  • Test Equipment
  • Power Tools
  • Drill Bits
  • Cutting Tools
  • Aircraft Supply
  • Pneumatic Equipment
  • Precision Equipment
  • Abrasives & Sanding
  • Pneumatic Equipment
  • Outdoor Equipment
  • FOD Prevention
  • Tool Etching
  • Tool Kitting
  • Tool Storage
  • Tool Silhouettes


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